How much is that Rabbit in the window?

We were very excited to be included in the Selfridges 'Alice in Wonderland' window display! See if you can spot our handsome rabbit and cabbage cushion! And now for his close up...

If you're quick you might still be able to see us... just pop down to Selfridges on Oxford Street and have a gander in their fabulous windows.

Fortnum & Mason Handmade: A British Craft Exhibition

Thornback & Peel are delighted to be taking part in Handmade: An Exhibition of British Craft at Fortnum & Mason taking place on the 22nd April to 20th June 2010.

"The exhibition celebrates true quality and the value of craftmanship and invites one to ponder on the perenial delights of food and dining and why they matter, an underlying Fortnum's proposition."
Lucia van der Post

So an exhibition of joyous handmade pieces, each with a story of its own to tell, fits in perfectly with all that Fortnum’s stands for. Here under one roof can be seen (and bought) some of the most inspirational, creative work currently being made by crafts people today. We will have a plethora of Thornback & Peel products on display for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure.... so if you fancy having a gander at all things crafty and British, and also like a good chutney, please visit the exhibition at Fortnum & Mason, the First Floor, 22nd April to 20th June 2010.